Situational Leadership® Curriculum

Create a common language of leadership throughout the organisation.

With Situational Leadership® as a foundation, we offer a whole curriculum that specifically targets individual contributors, managers, teams and executives in order to ensure the model can be applied at all levels of an organisation. In doing so, we create a common language of leadership that directly ties to specific competencies pertinent to each employee and their role.

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Owning your performance

Situational Leadership®: Taking Charge is a one-day workshop designed to help front-line employees and individual contributors develop a thorough understanding of the leadership process. When employees can recognise a clear connection between their performance and the success of the organisation, engagement levels rise and they will naturally perform to the full extent of their capabilities, as opposed to simply working within the parameters of their job descriptions.

By understanding and using the performance language of Situational Leadership® participants learn to diagnose their own task-specific Performance Readiness® and feel confident to effectively communicate their specific performance needs to their supervisors.

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Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders provides leaders with an action-oriented framework that increases both the quantity and quality of performance conversations by matching an individual’s Performance Readiness® Level for a specific task with the appropriate leadership style. This task-specificity is at the heart of Situational Leadership® and is paramount to ensuring that your organization is comprised of capable Situational Leaders who drive behavior change. Experience the benefits of Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders:

  • Prepares leaders to effectively assess and adapt to situations, opportunities and challenges of leading others

  • Builds necessary skills for assessing readiness of team members to perform at an optimal level

  • Provides an action-oriented leadership framework and performance development process

  • Empowers leaders with strategies to enhance performance and teamwork

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Situational Leadership®: Building the Organization is designed to help executives lead organizational change by identifying specific challenges or problems, assessing Organizational Performance Readiness® for implementation and applying leadership strategies tailored for the organization’s needs. The program integrates the concepts and four-step process of Situational Leadership® and applies them to leading an organization through change. Executives will apply the Transformational Situational Leadership® concepts to leading their organizations similarly to the way Situational Leadership® is applied to leading organizational members through task and role performance. Experience the benefits of Situational Leadership®: Building the Organization:

  • Executive team alignment and focus on organizational change priorities

  • Assessment of Organizational Performance Readiness® using measurable indicators

  • Leadership strategy aligned to organizational needs enhances effectiveness and successful implementation

  • Organizational leadership strategy, action plan and communication strategy are aligned and relevant to the organization’s change initiatives

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Leading Teams: A Situational Approach leverages an understanding of the Situational Leadership® Model in order to explore the specific skills that leaders need to transform diverse groups of individuals into cohesive units. Participants learn to maximize the performance potential of each team member while building trust, boosting creativity and improving communication so that teams can successfully master true collaboration and gain a competitive advantage. Experience the benefits of Leading Teams: A Situational Approach:

  • Recognize characteristics associated with the predictable stages of team development

  • Understand how to apply leadership strategies with high probabilities of success

  • Distinguish between leading a team and providing leadership for individual team members

  • Develop an action plan that can be immediately implemented to accelerate team development

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